20 Minute IT Manager – 88 targeted training sessions

20mitmCreate your own customized training curriculum with my 20 Minute IT Manager Series – over 80 training sessions in all. These sessions make great “lunch and learn” topics to train and develop teamwork among your managers and staff.
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20 Minute IT Manager Training Topics include:
– 12 Steps to IT Manager Success –
Step 1 – Conduct an IT Assessment
Step 2 – Determine Capability and Capacity
Step 3 – Develop an Action Plan
Step 4 – Get your Projects in Order
Step 5 – Put IT Processes in Place
Step 6 – Develop an IT Organization Plan
Step 7 – Implement Communication Processes
Step 8 – Focus your IT Staff
Step 9 – Develop an IT Strategy
Step 10 – Communicate your IT Strategy
Step 11 – Measure Your Results
Step 12 – Understand the Financial Situation


IT Business Dis~connect
Leadership Examples are Everywhere
11 Key Traits of Successful IT Managers
Fast Start for a New IT Manager
Quick Tips to Motivate Your Employees
IT Management Process
Understanding IT Employee Work Behavior
IT Due Diligence Overview
Processes to Help IT Managers Communicate
Elevate Your Management Perspective
Quick Steps in Developing an IT Strategy
Dealing With a Difficult Employee
Maintain an IT Initiatives Portfolio
Effective IT Employee Performance Plans
New Hires: Tips to a Productive Start
Education: a Powerful Motivator for IT Employees
Managing a Programming Backlog
Dealing With an Unhappy Client
Justifying IT Projects
Key Measurements in IT
Develop Meaningful Employee Performance Plans
Empowering Your Employees
Improving Programming Quality
Keys in Selecting a Software Vendor
Technology Cost Saving Strategies
Why IT Managers Miss Their Budget
Develop an ROI
Project Kickoff Meeting
Develop Experts and Depth
Accounting Primer for IT Managers
Cost Savings – Eliminate Paper
Project Management Status Meeting
Functional versus Operational IT Organizations
The Three Threats of Successful IT Management
Key Considerations in IT Assessment
Change Management Process – Programming
Project Management – Key to IT Credibility
Management Model – “Drain the Swamp”
Develop an IT Staffing Plan
Automatic Escalation Procedures
Cost Savings – Use Experts to Help
Quick References Saves Time
Budgeting IT Tips
Importance of Capital Budgets
Simple Project Management Tools
Cost Savings – Re-engineer Business Applications
A Case for IT Policies and Procedures
Manage Client Expectations
Management Model – “Bite the Head of a Frog”
Power of Becoming Predictable and Reliable
Transition from Technical Expert to Business Manager
Use Dashboards to Tell the Story
Simplify Project Budget Work
Observe, Learn, and Incorporate
Cost Justifying Infrastructure Projects
Management Model – “Snails Crawl; Birds Fly”
Business Value for Senior Management is Simple
Are IT People Really Different?
Organize Your Day for Higher Productivity
Why IT Projects Fail
Coping with Stress
Power Costs More Than You Think
Calculate the Cost of a Move
Jump Start Your Year with IT Kickoff Meeting
Invest in Your Staff: Powerful Motivators
Effective Communication Tools
Prioritizing Your Work
Transition From Technical Expert to IT Manager
Use a Steering Committee
My Favorite Moments
Simple Client Survey Can Tell a Lot
Effective IT Staff Meetings
10 Ways to Improve Client Service
Prioritizing IT Projects
IT Self Evaluation Checklist
Create an IT Manager Dashboard

Over 80 sessions in all, , , more than 25 hours of training that you can organize and use to create your own personalized training agenda to develop your team in areas of:
–  IT management
–  Project management
–  People management
–  Leadership
–  Professional development